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Do I required Prescription to purchase abortion pills?

No. can arrange valid prescription for you while buying abortion pills from our website.

How effective is an abortion pill and How long it takes to show results?

Abortion pills show effects depending on the condition of pregnancy. The result can be seen within 3-4 days, however, you are advised to get a follow-up checkup done after 14-15 days.

Are there any health issues that I should consider before taking abortion pills?

Yes. health issues such as liver, heart, kidney problems, bleeding problems, allergic reactions, are taken into consideration.

Are there any side effects of Abortion pills?

Yes, there are few side effects such as diarrhea, chest pain, mild fever, excessive bleeding depending upon the conditions.

How to take an abortion pill?

First, you have to take Mifepristone pill 200 mg orally with water

Then after 1-2 days take Misoprostol orally by keeping it in the cheek pouch or below the tongue for 30 minutes.Or you can take it by inserting in the vagina for about 30 minutes

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